Communities of Jessup

In the mid-1800s, Jessup extended over a larger area than today. For instance, old land records show part of what is now Fort Meade as Jessups Cut, and children from that area attended school in Jessup. The oldest part of Jessup is along Route 175, as it was the only road, really an Indian trail through the forest. Early settlers built near the road and early land holdings were in part divided by the road.

Although we prefer to think of Jessup as a rural community, it is divided into several sections or, what is now more commonly referred to as subdivisions.

Historic Jessup

There is the old area of Jessup which runs along Route 175, considered the historic and central area of Jessup where the early settlers built homes.


Montevideo is the section farthest north and thought to be the second oldest section of Jessup.

Wyman’s Grove

Wyman’s Grove, an African-American camp meeting ground, was located in the southeast corner of the intersection of Montevideo Road and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad during the 1860s. By 1875, the land was in possession of the Sisters of Notre Dame where they operated a summer home for 80 to 100 girls. At least part of the property became a Protestant orphanage for children up to the age of fifteen. The property consolidated with the German Orphanage in the 1930s and the land was slowly sold off in parcels. During the 1950s, the property on the south side of Montevideo Road was developed into what is now known as Montevideo Court.

Champion Forest

Champion Forest is a comparatively new section of Jessup. It’s located between Route 175 and Montevideo and named after the land grant on which it is situated.


Georgetown is a small section situated on the west side of Brock Bridge Road about a half mile from Route 175. The section got its name from the fact that the head of the house of four of the first families was named George. Originally, there were seven houses built by Dr. Asa Linthicum on his property to house African-American families who would dig iron ore in his nearby mines. This is the location of the Payne African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Sharewood Acres

Sharewood Acres, another section of Jessup, is located in Howard County. It extends from Route 175 to Dorsey Run Road. There are about forty houses in Sharewood Acres.


The Provinces was the latest part of Jessup to be developed. It is roughly a triangle shaped section bounded by Ridge Road, Severn Road, and Disney Road and construction of homes began in 1971. Mail, however, is served by the Severn post office, but the children attend Jessup Elementary School.

Aladdin Village

Aladdin Village, one of two large mobile home parks, is located on Route 1 opposite the Waterloo State Police Barrack. It was started in 1952.

Holiday Mobile Estates

Holiday Mobile Homes Estates is another mobile home park located on Clark Road.

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